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Mundane crap

Just had a scare ... I looked at my transaction statement from my car loan financier. I saw that they deducted full interest from my $800 payment earlier this month. I expected them to take the $500+ difference between that and my monthly dues, and deduct that from the principal of the loan. But they didn't, instead they took the full bite of interest from the $800.

So I got very annoyed for about two minutes, until I noticed that at the top of the page, they report the next payment as due in June, instead of April.

Oh, yeah - duh. The pay-by-phone service never allows one to subtract directly from the principal of the loan. That has to be done by mailing a personal check, "by hand" as it were. Now I remember the agent explaining this to me on the phone last year.

Er, anyway, mundane shit. Yep. More mundane shit as well.

Today I signed up for the local gym. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends, for $20 a month. I took it light this session, so my body can ramp up and stretch out. If I show up at 10pm, the after-work crowd is finished, and I get my run of the machines. This reminds me, I need to load some better music onto my little MP3 doohickey. The cheese they play in the gym is very disorienting.

So, I've been striving to get "quality of life" nailed down, since I got back from this last road trip. Thus far my moves have amounted to: Prepare more tax paperwork. Buy and eat a lot of vegetables. Sign up for and go to a gym. Do laundry.

And now I add to the list: Take a freakin' shower and go to bed.
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