Garrett (garote) wrote,

Well said.

Here's an essay about a bullshit organization that thinks intensive brainwashing sessions are a "cure" for homosexuality. My favorite quote from it:

Some ex-gay therapists insist that in recommending and/or offering conversion or reparative therapy they are merely giving people a choice as consumers to meet their personal health goals. This argument, says Dr. John C. Gonsiorek, is “specious and borders on malpractice.” Healthcare providers, he insists, “should not just do what consumers want but offer services that are based on established standards of care. And if the consumer wants something that is flakey, the answer is ‘No.’ To give them what’s flakey is malpractice.”

Well said. Medical treatment is not about wish-fulfillment for a prudish and fickle social group (fundamentalists). It is about treatment. Preferably treatment of things that are, you know, actual ailments.

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