Garrett (garote) wrote,

Training Day 5

41.66 miles, 2100 calories burned.

I was hoping to get all the way to North San Francisco, so I could say I rode from home to Maggie Mudd's Ice Cream, but on mile 32 I ran into a serious headwind, and the windchill from the wind and fog turned my face numb and made my wrists hurt. I should have taken more breaks, and I should have brought some kind of warm long-sleeved shirt.

I also pulled a muscle in my neck near the end of the ride, and can't turn my head all the way to the left because of it. Probably take a few days to recover from that.

Pit Crew La drove south from Maggie Mudd's to pick me up, and brought me clean clothes and additional water, and loaded the bike on the back of the Accord for me. Then she drove back to Maggie Mudd's with me, so we could get ice cream! PIT CREW LA IS THE GREATEST.

I rearranged the icons on the iPhone home screen, which made map lookup easier. Once again, the battery drained fast, but not fast enough for me to get worried. I took around ten phone calls on it. Even chatted with my Mom for a while! Also, I passed two restaurants named "Tofu House". Might be worth checking out. :D

Music I played during the ride:

Chrysanthemum6 of 95:03DownloadEffector7/26/08 5:10 PM
Main Titles14:20John PowellThe Bourne Identity7/26/08 5:14 PM
Ahh D Yaaa223:26The GoatsTricks of the Shade7/26/08 5:18 PM
Giving Up The Ghost5 of 156:31DJ ShadowThe Private Press7/26/08 5:25 PM
Sway Of The Verses56:02Talvin SinghHa7/26/08 5:31 PM
New York City6 of 133:03They Might Be GiantsFactory Showroom7/26/08 5:34 PM
預言者13 of 214:10Yoko KannoArjuna: Into The Another World7/26/08 5:38 PM
Individual 13 of 124:06Jack DangersLoudness Clarifies7/26/08 5:42 PM
PJ Berri Jam6 of 150:36Milk CanMake It Sweet!7/26/08 5:44 PM
Avenue B3 of 118:54FrontsideFrontside7/26/08 5:53 PM
Rough Stream135:32Junya NakanoDew Prism OST D27/26/08 6:02 PM
Inquisition (Extended Mix)27:06Skinny PuppyInquisition (Single)7/26/08 6:09 PM
Break 'Em Off Some142:45Cypress HillBlack Sunday7/26/08 6:12 PM
As Pure As?4 of 76:43CoilThe Snow EP7/26/08 6:19 PM
Chittagong Hill58:24State of BengalAnokha: Soundz of the Asian Underground7/26/08 6:27 PM
Climb Higher83:56Junya NakanoDew Prism OST D17/26/08 6:31 PM
The Snow6 of 76:43CoilThe Snow EP7/26/08 6:38 PM
Tahat2 of 87:05Aswad7/26/08 6:45 PM
Wearing A Raincoat4 of 163:10They Might Be GiantsThe Spine7/26/08 6:49 PM
Descend The Minaret5 of 91:53Pete Namlook + Burhan ÖçalSultan Orhan: Nerden Geliyorsun (Fixed Alteration)7/26/08 6:50 PM
Dawn in Dense Woodland123:42Junya NakanoDew Prism OST D17/26/08 6:56 PM
D'Avros4 of 233:19Fila BrazilliaDicks7/26/08 7:44 PM
Halo (12'')16:42Severed HeadsStretcher7/26/08 7:51 PM
To The Sea65:45YelloPocket Universe7/26/08 8:00 PM
We Believe25:53MinistryTwitch7/26/08 8:05 PM
Ascend The Minaret3 of 91:22Pete Namlook + Burhan ÖçalSultan Orhan: Nerden Geliyorsun (Fixed Alteration)7/26/08 8:07 PM
Seven Of Dreams23:17Severed HeadsCuisine (with Piscatorial)7/26/08 8:12 PM
Hotel Room14 of 220:52Firesign Theatre1989 Another Christmas Carol/Radiodaze7/26/08 8:24 PM
Glamorama Soap20 of 221:40Firesign Theatre1989 Another Christmas Carol/Radiodaze7/26/08 8:26 PM
Majestic Feeling79:33Solar FieldsBlue Moon Station7/26/08 9:03 PM
Moist17:32GhostfriendOxycanta7/26/08 9:11 PM
Air Song712:21Solar FieldsLeaving Home7/26/08 9:23 PM
Access To The Long Fields2 of 117:40H.U.V.A. NetworkDistances7/26/08 9:35 PM
Magic Tree105:51OmnimotionOxycanta7/26/08 9:44 PM
6.714:23Solar FieldsReflective Frequencies7/26/08 9:49 PM
Rain Geometries3 of 115:54H.U.V.A. NetworkDistances7/26/08 9:55 PM
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