Garrett (garote) wrote,

IT work is hazardous

I work at Learning In Motion. I'm thinking about driving up to Sacramento next week, but first I need to make sure everything is running smoothly in the server room.

I'll check the task list and see that my webserver process has, like, nine connections sitting at TIME_WAIT, everything has 50,000 handles, and four of the indicators on my activity monitor have been "disabled until this conflict is resolved".

Plus partition E is full. It's the download folder for the FTP client, which has created hundreds of files of length 0. Files that the FTP client has since deleted from the host machine, because, hell, they transferred OK, right?

Then I'll go and launch netscape to check my mail, but the browser comes up first, and the homepage has to launch Java. Halfway through this, a window pops up from somewhere in hell, telling me that "the disk in drive C: is not recognizable. Would you like to format it now?" ... But only for a second! Because then the sound manager tries to play the "you've got mail" noise but it slams headlong into the headless zombie of WinAMP, dead from a corrupt skin...

Which takes the entire GUI off at the knees, but I can tell something's wrong, because drive C is clicking like MAD, so I dive for the power switch ... but IT'S AN ATX CASE, with one of those COOL software controlled BIOSes, and holy shit it's not responding! So I dive for the power plug but before I get there the power GOES OUT, and I'm so suprised I knock my head on the underside of the desk, and my coke spills, but I can't see where...

So I crawl out and my hands track into this puddle of soda, and I'm kneeling here thinking, hell, this is just great, but then the power goes on, and suddenly there's this big gold gate in front of me, and a guy with wings...
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