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A semi-random poll, and a thank you.

My warm thank-yous, to all my friends here who commiserated with me over the loss of my cat. Last night I put on headphones for my jog, and walked out back to her grave-marker. I'm glad the marker is there. A family-heirloom statue, glowing bone-white under the moon. It stands in a patch of lilies, transplanted from the house that she grew up in.

I stood there, looking down at what was practically my cat's ghost. The Ghost of Tuna the Cat, like something out of an Ultima game. I patted it on the rough granular head, and went out for my jog, feeling too young and too old at the same time.

- - - - -

Now I'm scanning many bank statements, tax forms, old phone bills, and letters, so I can recycle the papers. And listening to Rapoon! (Thank you, Mr. Beatings Man)
And chomping Samoas! And about to watch an old Danny Kaye film I got for six bucks on DVD: The Inspector General.

- - - - -

A semi-random poll, so all us puzzled people can compare notes:

Is your crush not responding to your advances because:

  1. He/she is waiting for a better time to do so
  2. He/she doesn't want to hurt or depress you
  3. He/she is afraid of you
  4. He/she simply doesn't know how to respond yet, and is waiting for inspiration

Theories, please!
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