Garrett (garote) wrote,

Short Poems

Zog has been writing a huge number of short poems lately, such as this one.

Pot Roast

So I got inspired and decided to waste a bit of time here in the lab.
These are in no particular order.

Relationship Number One
We smile and laugh
and talk about nothing
but when hugging goodbye
we must exercise caution

Relationship Number Two
I think they're great
They think I'm great
We think it would be great
Too bad we don't care.

Relationship Number Three
Bind my wounds in silence,
Aquire lots of money,
whore out my concern,
bend over backwards,
put up with insults,
lavish attention,
eat shit,
and maybe I can bring her to orgasm.
Or so they fondly believe.

Relationship Number Four
When I was after them,
they were afraid of me
And I was angry at being misjudged.
Now their judgement's changed,
And I could love them still,
But I'd rather hold my grudge. Hah!

Relationship Number Four Part 2
We ran into each other today,
purely by accident.
I yelled:

Relationship Number Five
wait a second!
What the fuck was that all about?!

Relationship Number Six
Give us one weekend together, I think,
and we'd eat each other alive.
And if I told them this one day,
they'd reply,

Reationship Number Seven
Sits on my lap
and we cuddle some nights
scratch backs, hold hands, touch cheeks
If we tried to make more of it,
we'd lose what we've got:
A comfortable glass ceiling.

Relationship Number Eight
We didn't come together
like two trains
or two doves
or two streams
or two wires
We were actually never apart.
And when we decided to separate,
to avoid hurting others,
it was easy because
we left nothing behind.

Relationship Number Nine
Our bodies linked to each other
Our minds linked to themselves
complaining angrily to each other
when they can't cure our ills
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