Garrett (garote) wrote,


You know, Real Butter felt to me like more of the BDM "concept" album, and I still like it a lot for the sonic slap-in-the-head that all
the record scratches and low-res noise make. ... but Creeping Banana
turned out to be more rhythmic and listenable, and more apt for repeat
play and enjoyment.

Now, Blood Sausage, here -- from one end to the other, has an ass-kicking
lift to it. It's practically a rock album.

Of course, I'm trying hard to haul it back towards the tweaky processed realm that I like to hear, in every possible spot, but this album is assembling itself much more easily than all the others. You can also tell we've all gotten a lot better at playing (with the eternal exception of the trumpet, for authenticity reasons heh heh).

Public thanks to my fellow "band" members. This is a lot of fun.
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