Garrett (garote) wrote,

This morning's dream

This is funny because the previous night I'd thought to myself "Damn, now that I've run into Hamsa again, I'll probably have some sort of dream about her." Not quite.

I am in the garage at my old Scotts Valley house. There is a wall where the garage door usually is, with a normal-sized door on the right edge of the wall. I am lying on a bed, talking with ... Kayla!! We are both looking at a book. I can't remember the contents of the book very clearly, but one particular page has pictures of rooms on it.

Each room represents the contents of a mind. There is a picture for Kayla and a picture for me. We both notice how very many drawers there are in all the pieces of furniture and on the walls in our rooms. I run my hand over the picture, as if I could physically grasp the handles of the drawers.

"Sometimes I just get so horny." Kayla confesses. "I really need to work on it, I guess." We agree that we both have this problem. Sometimes all we need is a person to fuck. No complexity, no strings attached. Then we can get on with the other parts of our private lives and not have someone interfering with us. We lie next to each other, comforted by the knowledge that someone else feels this way.

The door opens and some of my family members walk in, including my mother and father. They start talking amongst themselves and with me, about the house, and the jobs that need to be done to clean it and maintain it. During the conversation with my family, Kayla pushes the book aside and starts sliding across the bed, towards me. I turn my body to one side and she slides right under it, wedged between me and the sheets, her head lying under mine. I reposition myself over her so we are both comfortable, and continue talking, registering her comfortableness in the back of my head as a good sign.

My parents ask me to do some chores. Reluctantly I get up off the bed, exposing Kayla's backside to the chilly air. I am about to leave through the door, but instead I turn around and march over to Kayla, who has slid off the bed and onto the floor in a bored heap. I have just remembered how much fun we had showering together in the downstairs bathroom, and I have decided to bring her there. Since all my family is in the garage, the house must be empty. She turns her head to look up at me, and I put out my hand. She grabs it and I haul her to a standing position. Then I bend over, put my head on one side of her waist, and pick her up. She is now slung over my shoulder.

She hangs there comfortably while I talk with some of my family members about chores. I walk to the door again, and am almost through it when my Dad calls out to me, "Lower the feet and elevate the head." I reach out and grab onto Kayla's feet, held together in front of me. I push them down, straightening her legs slightly, and her head moves up my back, making her position more comfortable. I thank my Dad for his advice, and turn around to go.

I walk across the driveway and down the dirt hill at the side of the house, passing by the barn. I remember that there are some dangerous insects in the barn, that I have to kill somehow, as one of my chores. I look down and see a large chunk of chicken meat packed down into the dirt. I remember how I'd set it out days ago for some animal to eat, and wonder why the animal didn't eat it. I realize I'll have to clean it up soon, since it's probably full of worms or bugs.

At the bottom of the hill I make a left and tromp up the stairs onto the porch. In the distance I see some young kids making their way through the foliage towards the house. I recognize them as annoying neighbors, and realize that if they get into the house, I'll never have the privacy I want. One of them in particular is a small, loud boy who looks a little like Skot when he was younger. My recent memory of this boy consists of an image of him leaning forwards, mouth open to yell, hands splayed in surprise, aping a fallacious impression of good cheer. Aiigh!

Still carrying Kayla, I run into the downstairs living room through the open sliding-glass door. I run accross the living room to the end of the downstairs hallway and kneel against the door that the kids will try to get in through, forcing it closed. Kayla slides off my shoulder and onto the carpet beside me.

The boy crams his face up against the window and tries to turn the knob, but I'm holding it. After some fumbling, I manage to twist the lock the right way, locking the boy out. "Ha!!" I say. He backs away and runs up the stairs alongside the house, out of sight. I relax and lean back, letting myself fall onto the floor. Privacy is ours.

Immediately, Kayla crawls over and straddles my chest with her crotch. She smiles down at me, her hair in her face. I lunge forwards and up, attempting to kiss her. She laughs and falls backwards, now lying partway in the bathroom on one side of the hallway. Her lean white stomach gleams below the rim of her button-down shirt. I crawl over to her, holding my body over hers. We look in each others' eyes and big old grins spread across our faces. Aaaah, we think, this is what we can do for each other, what we've needed all this time. Of course. Our heads meet and we ease into a long, intimate kiss. She starts to unbutton her shirt. With each row the heat rising from her flesh intensifies beneath me.

I begin to wake up, as if the dreams' point has been made and there is no reason to stay asleep. I consider trying to stay in the dream, but before I can even decide, I am too far out of it to return. Daylight and silence greet me.
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