Garrett (garote) wrote,

Backdated journal project

Thus I inaugurate my journal backdating project.

I have not changed any names - and I will leave the names intact for as much as I can, in future postings. Some of the details in other journal entries are very sexually explicit, and I may have to anonymize those ... but, frankly ...

  1. all this stuff happened ten years ago.
  2. I am no longer in contact with most of the people involved.
  3. The ones I am in contact with wouldn't care.
So why am I posting it in public? Because in between the mundane bits, there is what I believe to be some very amusing and heartfelt autobiography.

This first entry is from my orientation days at UCSC, almost 10 years ago. It's pretty mundane, but it's one of those days where the most minor decision completely alters my life for years to come. In particular, I decide NOT to walk back to my bike and ride home, but instead turn around and continue mingling with the attendees of the Provost's Dinner.


This second back-posted piece is not written by me, but is in fact a message from Zoggo, written near the same time.

Dec 14, 1997: The worst ideas for computer games EVER.

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