Garrett (garote) wrote,

Top Ten Funniest

my top ten list of
accidental funny moments
in gaming

(This list is meant to exclude moments where a game was trying to be funny.)

In no particular order, they are:

  1. The original Civilization: Watching civil unrest - a bunch of animated hippies jerking across the screen - underneath the headline: "Civil Disorder in Dorkoleum! Mayer flees in panic." Laughed until I fell over.
  2. Nethack: Accidentally defiling the altar of my own deity, Huan Ti, who then hurled a lightning bolt at me, which missed, bounced off a couple of walls, and then electrocuted his own high priestess.
  3. Ultima 8: Turning on the cheat menu, then sprinting through town and dragging gigantic chunks of the world around randomly, like some deranged telekinetic. The guards were absolutely furious, but whenever one got close, I would pick him up and drop him into the lake - *blorp!!* - and he would never be seen again. Revenge was sweet.
  4. Doom 1: Playing with my friend Brent over dialup modem: Watching as he ran his character down a hallway, then up some stairs towards a door... And then tried to press the "open door" key but accidentally hit "fire" instead. He unloaded a bazooka round right up against the door, blowing his disintegrating carcass back across the hallway. "Harrrrrggh!", went his character, and the charred remains slid to a halt near my feet. Over the chat console, he dryly exclaimed: "WHOOPS." I laughed for so long Brent thought I'd dropped carrier.
  5. Shadow Warrior: Again, playing with Brent, we came to the "rabbit farming" level. We bred several dozen rabbits, then Brent went FUBAR and blew up the entire building. The pyrotechnic display, combined with breaking glass and flying bunny parts, was easily the most cathartic of his many in-game temper tantrums.
  6. Starcraft: Playing a big LAN game in the UCSC labs with a modded install, and hearing the Terran Ghost's "target aquired" sound effect ("Nuclear launch detected!"), which we'd replaced with a sample of my friend Kurt. He was playing on the opposite team and I was stalking the terrain when I heard Kurt's voice blare out "NUCLEAR LUNCH SERVED" ... "NUCLEAR LUNCH SERVED" ... "NUCLEAR LUNCH SERVED". ... I couldn't stop myself from laughing as three nuclear missiles rained down on my base, one after the other, nearly ejecting me from the game.
  7. Karateka: My friend Matt (different Matt) and I made the character bow to each adversary, then fight, then back off, then try to bow again, then fight again, et cetera. Inevitably he would get kicked in the groin and die. What made it hilarious is that we'd take turns doing "voice over" for the character, leading up to the fatal groin-kick, choosing voices like, for example, Miss Manners, Crocodile Dundee, or Mr. T. "Now shuddup and lissen, fools. Before you fight anyone you gotta show res --OW MY PRIVATES. NUUURSE!!"
  8. Grand Theft Auto III: The culmination of an afternoon playing the GTA3 Challenge, with Alex. The Challenge is this: Using ONLY the items you steal from the cops, cause enough destruction to summon the national guard, and then steal a tank. It's quite hard, but absolutely hilarious to attempt. The cop shooting at me got run over by another cop arriving at the scene, who then drove into a wall. Then as he was getting out of his car, a third cop plowed into him and his car exploded, setting my stolen ambulance on fire. I remember laughing so hard I couldn't see what I was doing.
  9. Doom 2: Playing over dialup with Matt Heck, on cooperative play, next to a respawn point. We were outside a closed door, debating the best way to deal with the horde of monsters in the room beyond. "LEAVE THIS TO ME" he says, over the chat console, then opens up the door and zips inside. The door closes immediately and I hear his shotgun: BOOM, BOOM. Then the monsters: HRAAAAIGH! RARR! Then sheer pandemonium: BANG BANG, SCRAATCH, GRAAAH, AIIYYEEE! ... and BRZAP - a new Matt Heck appears out of the respawn point. Before I can even respond, he opens the door again, and in he goes. This time he's only got a pistol: POP, POP! Monsters: RAARARGGGGH. GRAAA, POP POP POP, HOORRGH, BOOOOM, AIIYYEEE ... BRZAP. He repeats this performance four or five times in 30 seconds, finally resorting to fisticuffs on the other side of the door, and I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.
  10. Gauntlet II: Getting into a "tag fight" with my fellow players and a room full of 'Death' units, while we were all close to dying. "AAAAAA GET HIM OFF ME, GET HIM OFF ME" ... though I don't think this counts, because that sort of thing is probably what the "play tag" feature is for. Hrmm.

Any funniest moments to share?
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