Garrett (garote) wrote,

iPhone checklist item 1

So I'm between movies at the cinema 9, and I guess that doesn't really count as being during a movie, but it's close enough for me. The film I just saw was "I Know Who Killed Me", and it is without a doubt the most irredeemably stupid thing I've seen in years. I assume the only reason it even made it to my local theatre is that Lohan's name is attached to it. I saw it with La and we both mocked it the entire time. The single good thing to come from it is a creepy line delivered by a minor character - a sound bite so poetentious and cheesy that FLA could structure an entire industrial album around it.

So my advice is: wait for Front Lime Assembly to produce another album, then buy that with the ticket money you would have wasted here. Not that any of you would be masochistic enough to buy that ticket in the first place.

Next up: the Simpsons Movie; then probably a hot shower to wash off the stink of Lohan's mouldeding career.

Total type time on this keyboard: 16 minutes.
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