Garrett (garote) wrote,

Eric the Unready Ate My Weekend

I spent a good chunk of hours playing this game. A 1993 parser-based farce with some point-and-drool digressions thrown in. The humor has aged so poorly that it's undergone a weird inversion and now amuses me greatly. Only "my generation" of gamers would appreciate a Star Trek joke that crappy. Only "my generation" of gamers would be unfortunate enough to recognize a reference to Dan Quayle, or to get the reference behind the following exchange:
A patron in one of the booths orders a Mead Lite. Someone in the next booth says, "I'll be he ordered that because it has less taste than regular Mead." "No," says someone else, "He ordered it because it's more filling."

"Less taste," replies the first.

"More filling!" insists the second.

I mean, seriously, people, who among you is both old enough and not ashamed enough to admit that they get this reference:

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