Garrett (garote) wrote,

Ha Ho Ha Ho Hu

After farting around with Soundtrack Pro 2 for about six hours, I have formed various opinions about whether it can serve as a CoolEdit Pro replacement. The biggest problem so far is the navigation in the multitrack - it has SERIOUS issues. The second biggest problem is the collection of compressor/expander filters. Where is the filter where I can simply drag points around on the graph, and the program will automatically construct the right combination of compressors and expanders to match what I've drawn? CoolEdit only did this, what, NINE YEARS AGO PEOPLE. Is there some kind of patent snafu interfering with this?

Anyway, here's the result of my six-hour farting around: Ha Ho Ha Ho Hu. It's a 256kbps AAC file, compressed via ITunes. You may have to do the Right-Click And Save-As Shuffle™.

Now for some dinner.
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