Garrett (garote) wrote,


Today I came home from work with a fried brain. But thanks to a combination of rolly chair, fireplace, waffles, and fuzzy cat, I recuperated easily.

This superb moment of evening laziness brought to you by The Super La, and her partner-in-cookery Ali Cat (not pictured here because she took these pictures!)

Truly my scandalous and embarrassing retro haircut has brought me good luck!

If we zoom in on the above picture, we discover that Mira is doing a Monet imitation, thanks to the wonders of digital noise.

The waffles came from The La's Hanukkah present from Ali Cat: A Hello-Kitty waffle iron. Also, shout-outs to all you people who sent me birthday messages and thoughts. I apologize for the phone being off most of Sunday (my birthday), but La and I were in the movie theatre allll day playing with one of her presents for me: A movie gift card! La, Ali, and I chomped through an amazing amount of popcorn that day. Quite a shocking amount, really. And that, on top of the food we snuck in.

Anyhoo, it was good to have that downtime in the midst of all these projects I need to complete.

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