Garrett (garote) wrote,

Main Fan Turn On(tm)

So I finally maxed out the CPUs on my Macbook Pro without deliberately trying. It happened this evening, while I was doing the following all at once:
  • Chatting via iChat
  • Reading email
  • 4 downloads at 250kB/sec each
  • Browsing the web in six tabs
  • Converting losslessly compressed CDs between formats over the network
  • Installing Windows XP SP2 in an emulator on a dynamically-sized partition from an image of the install CDROM
  • A 46-gigabyte file copy over the network, via Windows filesharing
  • Locating pictures in an archive of over 14,000 in Aperture, and exporting them in groups.
Well bust my buttons; I guess this makes me a "power user". :D
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