Garrett (garote) wrote,

They'll try anything

So I got this email full of gibberish that my poorly-trained spam filter wasn't immediately devouring. Just some random letters, with the last line turned into a web link. It took me a few seconds to realize: These guys expect me to be viewing email in a monospace font.

And what could they possibly be selling? Exactly the same [expletive]ing [expletive] they're always [expletive] selling.
ah  us    ty    mm      al  td  ep  vh    ag 
su  ga   zeee   ok      yk  ch  eq  jrg  ymp 
fd  vj  tg  yc  jv      yo  vp  km  zgdadmrv 
dh  kr  lclyea  fp      wv  ja  au  ln bh bn 
 gmdu   nw  vs  he  kb  ay  nq  ak  fa    ko 
  lt    er  pu  kqvyfs  pz   ovsc   dn    oj 

ri  lh  yp    jc     fvzw   zogle     kq 
an  tq  wj   egpk   kz  se  fv  vp   hblm 
cr  ju  ls  zr  ji  uj      jj  ko  nc  ji 
wd  rf  sw  cwwrqj  ui ecx  mvhue   lexkdx 
 evnu   fz  ha  ei  gc  ef  og  py  lc  dk 
  mf    fl  qd  bp   puom   ot  vk  si  po 

 fypp   xi    ze    ki      qz   lwgy 
in  pt  xq   gevp   bq      ke  at  zj 
hp      ym  mh  pq  pe      ur  kik 
tc      lj  ptecon  lt      iq     iui 
nr  qq  nm  it  lo  cw  bt  bo  ly  qt 
 rlpn   is  ii  pk  nteynd  fa   wpti 

rv   lg    pa    dn  gt    jj    hu   wu 
 vf ju    gfmp   xlj bh   bifl    fp ly 
  bfr    wq  ij  xgnbzk  xo  kp    aqx 
  tiu    ffrdpe  btzppp  cbisjv    lus 
 os pa   fq  re  vq zdh  zq  lq   au ac 
ov   db  oh  el  od  nj  qa  qs  ll   mb 
Yeah, somebody call the Mystery Machine and tell them to turn the van around and head home. Tell them to send Captain Obvious instead.
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