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This new job is very different from my old one. Everyone here is extremely competent, but also very friendly and cooperative. There are no prima donnas and no outsiders.

In fact, there is no drama, period - there is no time to tolerate dramatic people, so those people are simply not here. ... I won't describe anything we do in detail, in order to conform with the legal papers I signed, but I will say this. The team I joined, in particular, is very well coordinated and moves very fast, while still being accurate. These guys are absolutely at the top of their game, and I'm going to have to squeeze every brain cell I've got to get them what they need.

For my part, I've absorbed more information in three days than I've needed to in any given month at my last job. I put in eight hours a day minimum and I have to make myself leave and drive home - my hands are itching to keep going and do more. I'd also like to thank you folks for commenting so nicely in my last entry ... it felt great to know that you all care. w00t!

My first day was bizarre. A four-hour orientation session, then the whole team came down to greet me (along with another new guy) and we all went to lunch in the center restaurant. My friend Alex was waiting in the checkout line ahead of me, and who should walk by -- and bump into Alex -- but Steve Jobs himself. "Oops, excuse me," he said, and walked over to one of the open-air tables and sat down. I expressed my surprise to Alex, who shrugged. "Yeah, that happens sometimes," he said.

If this is what three days are like, I wonder how three weeks will feel. Anyway, I've got to sleep now...
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