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Yes, I admit, I laughed like a hyena when I saw this, but then I just wanted to give that big old geek a hug.

I found the link at the top of the following Slashdot multi-message exchange:

"Wax cylinders? Pah! If we wanted to listen to music, we played it. Better fidelity than anything new fangled 'recorded' music. Our method of recording was called the trebleclef."

"Trebleclef? Oh yeah? Back in the days we only had pythagorean tuning, and we were happy. You kids had it way too easy."

"Pythagorean tuning? Frippery! We just played a big drum!"

"A drum? Luxury! We had to beat each other over the head with a pointed stick!"

"A pointed stick? When I was your age, we had to make do with our pseudopods. And those only made little squishing sounds..."

"Squishing sounds? Squishing sounds? Our idea of heaven was to have pseudopods that made squishing sounds! We had to make do with flagellae that didn't work half the time, and our only sense of perception was the ability to react to chemical gradients in the concentration of nutrients. But we were happy then, in those days..."
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