Garrett (garote) wrote,

In other news...

I just had to put on a long-sleeve sweater, don my welding gloves, and pull aside a laundry basket in the bedroom to reveal a bug fuzzy possum. It wandered in from the back porch after the scent of cat food. (Mira, great house defender kitty that she is, ran around in circles outside trilling excitedly and being generally useless.)

Anyway, I picked up the possum with my gloves. It struggled for a bit, then sat docile while I carried it outside at arms' length. It felt just like picking up someone's tiny pet lapdog. I set it on the fence and it began scuttling back down towards the front yard, towards the street and the forest beyond.

It was way too familiar with people. I fear it may meet a bad end. But whatcha gonna do.
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