Garrett (garote) wrote,

"loose change" wtc video

Here's a couple of kids who claim the WTC attacks were perpetrated by the US government.

My reaction to this:

Their information about the pentagon is pretty interesting. It almost paints a believable picture of that building being shot by a rogue fighter pilot, and I can believe the government attempting to to cover up such an incident. Imagine the instability that terrorists would create if citizens had to suspect even their own army personnel as traitors. Not to mention the international embarrassment. However, though they try with a few potshots, the "loose change" evidence doesn't really point to anything greater than this.

Their information about the WTC towers, on the other hand, reeks of selective fact picking. In some places it contradicts the conclusion they're pushing for. For example, they rattle on about bomb-sniffing dogs and guards and explosives and molten steel in the basement, and talk about the buildings collapsing in "free fall". The whole thrust of the facts they choose is that the buildings were demolished via charges detonated underground, and that the fires caused by the planes were incidental. Window dressing. But any of you people who remember seeing the collapse - over and over again on every news channel ever, and then in clips on the internet - will recall that the buildings collapsed from the top-down, starting right from the point of impact of the planes.

Remember? Here's a video reminder, if you can stomach it.

Unfortunately for the "loose change" guys, that little bit of hard data nearly eliminates the WTC detonation theory.

(It's ironic that this video clip is hosted on a website whose author claims (in poor grammar) that the clouds ballooning outwards are "a textbook picture of the effects of high explosives". No, my wackjob friend, they are not. I'd go into more detail, but our breath is wasted on people like these.)

And so the FBI confiscated the black boxes before anyone else could get to them... So? Do they expect anything else from an agency with the job parameters of the FBI? A flight recorder isn't exactly public property to begin with.

The rest of the loose change "evidence" could charitably be described as hearsay and/or confusion in a chaotic world.

I now cordially invite my pal and yours, breakpoint, so say a few choice words on the subject.
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