Garrett (garote) wrote,

After seeing 'Lady in the Water'

From a Time interview with director M.Night Shyamalan:

"The Cookbook is your character’s thoughts on “cultural problems, leaders and stuff.” What are your thoughts on those things?"

"I feel like we are in the death rattle of religion right now. Its parameters which were totally appropriate and defendable for the history of man are on the verge of being obsolete, and that is because of this real and cyber global community that we are in now. Isolation of cultures, which was the glue, is vanishing. We need to have a faith, a type of belief that makes sense to everyone in the room who hears it. In the Buddhist philosophy, it is all boats to get us to the shore. We have to let go of the feeling that the boat is the shore. We don’t have to let go of the boat – we can still love the metaphors and they can mean a great deal to our cultures, but they have to be seen as boats."

Unexpected from the guy who wrote and directed "Signs", eh? I like this guy.

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