Garrett (garote) wrote,


Convertible notebook, to me, equals gimmick. It's like, a whole new generation of people is going to learn all over again why touchscreens were replaced by the mouse.

A serious artist would get a graphics tablet with pressure and angle sensitivity, and as for the "worker on the go" scenarios like doctors and postal carriers, they already have superior custom gadgets that do exactly this sort of thing. For example the postal worker version is handheld and has a built-in laser scanner on the side.

But this isn't a specialized tool for a specialized job, this is meant to be general purpose. And until I see a real touch-based interface that actually makes sense for a general computing device - actually makes people more productive, instead of just making them feel more hip and space-age, these are going to continue to be a product hunting for a market. (Besides, laptop hinges are fragile enough as it is.)

But who knows, perhaps there's some INCREDIBLE new use for this thing that I haven't seen yet, and it will revolutionize computing, and stuff.
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