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Dungeon crawl

So I've been resting up today, finally getting over my cold/sinus infection thing, and playing a bit of Nethack. My first game went rather well. Got down to dungeon level 19 and broke into Croesus's vault, where a soldier zapped me (and a nearby Brown Pudding, and a Vampire Bat) with a wand of death.

My second game, by contrast, was awful, and over in 5 minutes. One floor down, my pet cat got flattened by a rolling boulder trap. I killed a gnome and ransacked his corpse, but the boots I stole were -1 and wouldn't come off. In the next room I found a war hammer, so I thought "I'll name this hammer Mjollnir, and maybe my diety will enchant it and transform it into the real thing!" ... But it welded itself to my hand and I couldn't let go of it. "Heck, I'll name it Mjollnir anyway", I thought. So I tried to carve the name into the weapon, but since the weapon was cursed, my "hand slipped", and I accidentally engraved "Pjollnir" instead.

One floor down I got attacked by a pony. I swung "Pjollnir" at it and kept missing, and the pony kicked and bit me to death.

I pity the next player who comes along, for they will probably wet themselves laughing, when they find my haunted corpse lying on 260 gold and a "cursed -1 war hammer named Pjollnir", marked by a gravestone reading "killed by a pony". I'll probably get a smug email the next day: "It's Mjollnir you idiot!"
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