Garrett (garote) wrote,

Another gripe:

Okay, whapple design team, you have to explain yourselves.

When I shut the lid of my old G4 powerbook, the machine would grind for a bit and then the white "sleep" indicator would start glowing, telling me that the machine was asleep. When I shut the lid of my MacBook pro, the "sleep" indicator turns on immediately. The machine grinds for a bit, and then actually goes to sleep.

I can just hear the dialogue in the boardroom now: "Hey, if we turn on the light instantly, it will look like the machine's gone to sleep instantly! That way the whole routine appears to go faster for the end user!"

Except for one problem: Now I literally DO NOT KNOW if the machine has actually gone to sleep, unless I stare really hard at the damn light to see if it's started "glowing" slightly, instead of solidly on. So the other day I closed the lid on my XP install, the light went on, and I put the laptop in my backpack ... except the machine hadn't actually gone to sleep, and since the vents were now almost entirely blocked, the laptop heated up an enormous amount. I eventually began hearing weird "USB device unplug" sound effects from the inside of the backpack, and when I took it out and opened the lid, the laptop was on and running and Windows XP was attempting to log me out. Fuck you, Windows XP, for subjecting my equipment to such temperatures.

And fuck you, Apple design department. The light is no longer an indicator of sleep. Now the light is an indicator that I've SHUT THE LID. But I already know the lid is shut because I JUST SHUT THE LID. Why do I need a light on the lid to tell me what I just did with it? Are you hearing this, people? You've violated your own fundamental design principles and now I have no feedback at all about whether the laptop is actually asleep.

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