Garrett (garote) wrote,


An email from Mr. Beatings pointed me at this demo. It's still a prototype, but Apple helped developed it, and has the patents on it.

Errr ... Okay ... Just last week I was sitting in my living room telling Mr. Lexor, "Touch screen? WTF would I need a touch screen for? A laptop without a keyboard is useless, and a finger on the screen only covers what you're trying to see!"

But after seeing this, I have completely changed my mind. Holy crap. This is going to change EVERYTHING.

P.S.: Hey Mom -- I told you to buy that Apple stock last year -- if you didn't, do so now. And also: We got the painting, and it's splendid! I got all wistful when I saw it. We've placed it in the living room, next to my monitor.

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