Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 6

Day 6 of La in Florida:
  • Another long day at work. Helped Mike with a few things, struggled with the KF beta interface, poked around in our DNS and email servers looking for clues to resolve an earlier problem.
  • Polished off Chesterland Adventure: Removed the redundant code, fixed some cosmetic issues, altered the tileset, made an icon, tweaked the build settings.
  • Came home to some ravioli prepared by a super housemate who was already asleep.
  • Gathered together all the materials for an evening of letter-writing at the Saturn, then got distracted organizing things in the living room. Perhaps I'll do them tomorrow.
  • Made my own poor imitation of a La Burger. The cat climbed up my sweater and perched on my shoulder the whole time I prepared and ate it.
  • Didn't feel tired, so I played four more Warcraft FFA games - won half of them! - and organized my music.
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