Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 3

Day three without the La (who's in Florida):
  • Caught Mira actually purring as she curled up next to my head. Usually she only purrs for the La, so this was a pleasant surprise for me. Now I get purrs too!
  • Scrubbed the inside of the shower with a three-foot brush, removing all the mold. Mira poked around the stall and got soaked for her curiosity. I also gave the tile just outside the door a going-over.
  • Continued cleaning up the living room post-rearrangement.
  • Photographed La's school posters on the porch, before they got any more wrinkly.
  • Installed the extra mounting brackets into my external drive array and hooked it up with Tin Loaf, then transferred 25 gigabytes of movies over the network.
  • Did some test-burns with the external DVD drive - seems to be OK.
  • Swapped around USB hubs and kicked Windows XP repeatedly until the DVD player and the TV tuner both worked (took way too long).
  • Won a game of Warcraft III, then lost four more.
  • 150 more pages of Asimov's "Murder at the ABA".
  • Ate a veggie-burger and salad at the Saturn.
  • Felt subtly amused that, with billions of people all around me, I still felt like being by myself for the whole day.
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