Garrett (garote) wrote,

31 Days of Warcraft III Stretegy

I played this game online in the past, but stopped after losing every battle for several days straight. The single-player campaign was enough to get me familiar with the units, but it was clear that I didn't have the skills to compete -- nor the inclination to build those skills. I set the game aside and got busy with other things, and several years went by, but one day I was surprised to discover that the urge to play it had returned.

Since I'm older now, I can't do a marathon immersive gaming session like the ones I did years ago, but I can still get a few good chunks of time here and there. I want to see what I've missed, and I probably also want to prove to myself that I'm still up to the challenge. Could I really become a competent player, or is the new generation of games and gamers just too much for me to handle?

This is a log of the tactics I learned, and the skills I developed.

(My army getting blasted apart by mortar fire, behind a line of Knights. Sucks to be me.)
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