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Well, I've got 90 minutes to go on Key the Metal Idol. The second of two very long episodes, that wrap up the first 13. In typical anime fashion, the first long episode was almost entirely filled with expository dialogue that had the dual effect of explaining all the past mysterious events, and turning the plot entirely on it's head.

Anyone who's seen Akira, Ghost in the Shell, the Vampire Hunter D movies, Serial Experiments Lain, or, hell, any episode of Robotech, knows what I'm talking about. There's always that point where "The Big Conversation" takes place, and everything suddenly goes to hell. The hero turns out to be a demon. The villain turns out to be a small-time lackey. The vampire turns out to be an astronaut. The government agency and the crime syndicate switch labels. The lecherous old man turns out to be Master Boo-Yong Shai, Hyper Space Police Murder Detective 003.

I just wrote some Perl! I so proud! Time for a donut.
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