Garrett (garote) wrote,


Hi, I'm Garrett.

I'm a member of the Nashville chamber of commerce.
Here I am with "nichole", whoever that is.
I bet you didn't know that I was at Burning Man back in '98.

This is me posing with a dead fish, and a different dead fish.

Actually I don't fish. But I do happen to be a baseball player, a surfer, a bodybuilder, a a tai chi master, a kung fu instructor, and a doctor, with a keen ear for folk ballads.

I used to run a freight line,
and owned my own store,
on my own ranch,
in my own county.

In fact, I have quite a collection of things.

Later on, I may or may not have developed my own line of hubs.

I'm also an activist.
Okay, I lied, this guy is really the activist.

It may explain why this caricature looks nothing like me.

In fact, there seem to be a lot of pictures on the internet that claim to be of me, yet they don't look like me.

It's all a big mystery.

Thank goodness we have the internet around to sort things out.

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