Garrett (garote) wrote,

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RE: iPod as Digital Camera backup

(msg # 3.: Posted Apr 30, 03 10:41 pm)

I agree -- I've thought this option would be a brilliant addition to the iPod, ever since it first came out.

I own a hefty digital camera, and a decent sized flashcard for the thing cost me almost 200 dollars. I can't justify the expense of a second memory card, so when that card gets full, I'm out of luck, unless I've got my computer nearby.

Next year I'm going on a month-long vacation to Alaska, and the iPod and camera are coming with me. I have a feeling I'm going to fill up that CF card every day!

Now as I understand it, firewire devices act as peers, instead of as master/slave like USB does. Isn't it technically possible to buy a firewire-based compactflash, or smartmedia, reader, and snap it right into the dock?

The iPod could recognize that the storage device it's hooked to contains the traces of a digital photo set, and pop up an additional main menu item: Move Pictures To iPod.

Every traveling photographer would instantly have a new best friend.

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