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One of my initial impressions of Oregon:

"There's something weird about the people here. What is it? ...... Ooooh, that's it! EVERYONE HERE IS WHITE!"

Some things I did today:

  • Smacked around some perl code for work.
  • Probed around on the Gnutella network for the first time, to see what it was like. Nothing but mislabeled music and bad pr0n.
  • Created a new T-shirt in my online store; a design I've been wanting to throw together for, like, a year now. Anyone who's seen Golden Boy will appreciate it.
  • Scanned another 70 or 80 slides, damn this is slow.
  • Wrote a large amount of email
  • Ate some fish file`ts in white-sauce with saute`ed onion, broccolli crowns, garlic salt, and parmesean cheese.
  • Talked with my ma about her cousin, who is in the hospital about to undergo surgery for artery blockage

Hrm. I should update my "other" journal. Got some stuff I wrote in Portland and Roseburg to add.
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