Garrett (garote) wrote,

Biiike PARRTAAAYYYY June 2010!!

This ride was pretty epic. I rode in celebration of my buddy Dan's birthday. The dude whose mohawk I am competing with didn't show up ... again. Hah! I must have scared him off. I got dozens of compliments, usually of the form, "I like your hat!" One guy was so impressed he shook my hand. One guy with a really neat looking set of glowing bars on his bike told me, "Damn, now I'm not feeling so good about my setup! I have light envy!!" (Personally, I thought his lights were awesome.)

At night, my helmet can be easily seen half a mile away. Three different times, people standing near me used me as a landmark to gather their friends. "Look for me near the guy with the glowing mohawk," they'd say. I didn't mind!

I had a really good time this month. The weather was perfect, everyone was in a good mood, there was plenty of music and shouting, and all my gear worked. Can't wait for the next one! BIIIKE PARRRTAAAAYY!!!

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