Garrett (garote) wrote,

Wheeeeeeee! Gear!!

Just look at all this (expensive) bicycling gear you can git online!
  • A fancy self-inflating mattress
  • A "Water Sack" (Why carry the weight of an actual container, right?)
  • Outer pockets you can add to your luggage. No word on if you can attach the smaller pockets to the larger pockets.
  • Waterproof bags for your cumbersome walkie-talkies that you will probably use one time, at a campsite, to call your pals and ask for them to bring you toilet paper.
  • "Snack Pack" bags - basically a waterproof bag, but it comes with a strap, so when you're REALLY hungry you can hang it around your neck and grab trail mix with both hands. Yes, that's how they describe it, too: You can hang it around your neck.
  • And of course a special toilet-paper container, because that's what everyone needs, a $30 container for 30 cents' worth of toilet paper.
I confess I am actually tempted to order some of these things. Well, one of them. The mattress.
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