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hard day

My kitty died today.
She's buried under the statue in the back yard.

A few days back I came out to her little kitty-bed in the living room, and laid down so my head was resting lightly over her body. She was able to purr for me, weakly. I petted her and spoke to her and tried to make my peace. I knew this day was coming, and soon.

She taught me all about cats; how to reach them, how to enjoy them. I used to nap in the grass behind my house in the woods, and she would come stalking through the tall grass, and sit casually on the center of my chest. A lithe white siamese cross, proud and vocal, and one hell of a fighter for her size.

In my cuddling affection, if my movements strike you as catlike, don't be surprised. I learned them from a cat.
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