Garrett (garote) wrote,

M2's "War Of Sound" Album Reconstructed

I promised Zog I would create alternate mixes of these that didn't have voice samples littering the soundscape like turds in a park. I cut almost all of them out, but couldn't resist adding a few selections of my own, for additional flavor. If you can guess the two films I borrowed from, then A Winner Is You.

I completed these over the weekend but forgot to post them. Enjoy! And thanks for the originals, Zoggo.

01: The Cry Of Morgoth (Cold Version)
02: Turbulent Sound (Second Verse, Worse Than The First Version)
03: Discord (War of Sound) (Back Off Baby Mix)
04: The Music Seized (Robot Edit)
05: The Scourges Of Fire (Tinnitus? No Thanks! Edit)
06: Thus Began Also (Experimental Mix)
07: In Ages Forgotten (Preacherless Edit)
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