Garrett (garote) wrote,


Obligatory livejournal post made from the keyboard of an iPhone:

Things i need to try with this device:

Comparison shopping of Internet prices while standing in front of items at Fry's
Posting a movie review while seated in the theater.
Looking at the dinner menu for a new vegan restaurant, calling in an order, then retrieving a map to the place, all while riding in a car.
Calling someone while hiking around behind UCSC, and emailing them pictures of what I see, as we talk.
Porting, and then playing, Brent's Jungle adventure, because every device on the planet needs to run that game, as a rite of passage.

Tried so far:

Browsing IMDB while riding over highway 17.
Looking up Scrabble words in an online dictionary while playing a game in the Sarurn diner.
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