Garrett (garote) wrote,

A random picture update

In case you were wondering about the allergen status of this month,

This month has also been the Month Of Getting Many Chores Done. For example, I finally bought some replacement fuses for the car radio. For about six months it's been using a mangled twist-tie and a knot of crappy headphone wire as a substitute fuse. Clearly I have the utmost respect for my equipment.

Also we finally got new phones. It was time, since my old phone was acting strangely - not reporting calls, suddenly dropping signal, and apparently losing my voicemails. The last straw was when it told me I had almost half a million text messages in my inbox:

So after going through a collection of phones with various problems, I finally found exactly what I want. The Samsung SGH-D357. A clamshell phone with a wired earpiece.

  • I can make a call, close it, put it in my back pocket, and talk on the earpiece.
  • I can wear headphones and listen to music while I talk, if I'm having a long slow conversation like during a walk home from work, and the other person can still hear me because the microphone is further down the wire (unlike a bluetooth headset).
  • It's less wide and easier to hold than the over-rated RAZR,
  • the buttons are easy to find by hand and have a good feel to them,
  • it works as a Bluetooth modem for internet access (shut off for now),
  • the theme can be customized and simplified via bluetooth file exchange,
  • it doesn't have a stupid little camera,
  • you can customize the main buttons,
  • it displays the caller before you fold-open the phone,
  • and YOU CAN DISABLE the DAMN BUTTON that connects to the ONLINE MINI-MALL CRAP store.

I WIN !!!!

The only drawback is that there's no iSync profile for it yet, so I had to upload my numbers "by hand" over Bluetooth using "Send vcards" in Address Book. Took about 15 minutes.

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